Here you’ll learn more about Cara-Lou Designs and Us, the faces behind the business. First, thank you for swinging by and taking time out of your day to get to know us and our small but mighty business.
Without further ado, let’s begin with the most important part, Grab a cuppa and your favourite cake and allow us to introduce our amazing team.
Emma, the one who had a small dream and turned it into reality.
A self-confessed cake loving, coffee guzzling rainbow addict!
With detailed perfection she ensures everything runs smoothly. She spends her time creating fabulous apparel and home decor with a personal touch.
Emma is the one who works the 18 hour days to make the business such a success.
Next we have Craig, the one who supported the dream, he’s the right hand man, without him production would halt!
Coffee is an important part of the production process and he keeps the supply in a nice steady flow.
He’s also the man who ships your parcels and ensures we keep on track.
Craig also keeps the smaller members of the team occupied when the orders are flying in!
We offer a wide range of products, colours, styles and personalisation which enable us to offer something for every budget.
It’s important that you’re 100% happy with your order. We strive for you to receive the customer service you deserve.
If you’ve got an idea, message us and we will endeavour to assist you. If we can’t, we’ll refer you to someone who can!
When we’re not in the Cara-Lou Studio, you’ll find us hard at work in our other 2 businesses or chilling out and being crazy as a family.
Together we enjoy Movies, Shopping, Meals out and playing games.
Want to know more?
Contact us for a natter, We mean it; We reply to our messages/emails personally, mainly because we’re not big enough to hire staff, yet!
Who knows, you could be our first proper employee!
✌🏼 & ❣️
The Cara-Lou Team